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Colonel John Durkee’s Grave

Norwichtown Colonial Burying Ground

Colonel John Durkee, known as the “Bold Man from Bean Hill” commanded the 20th Continental Regiment and 4th Connecticut Regiment during the American Revolution. Originally born in Windham, Durkee relocated to Norwich as a young adult where he maintained a homestead and tavern in the Bean Hill section of Norwich. Col. Durkee served the entirety of the French and Indian War where he earned the rank of Major and played a leadership role in the Connecticut Sons of Liberty, who famously led the fight against the Stamp Act. In September of 1765, Durkee and a band of followers forced the resignation of Connecticut Stamp Master Jared Ingersoll on the Broad Street Green in Wethersfield. Col. Durkee fought in many notable battles of the Revolution including Bunker Hill, Trenton, and Monmouth where a musket ball shattered his right hand. Durkee passed away in 1782 and is buried in the Norwichtown Colonial Burying Ground with his wife Martha.

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