Freedom Trail – Stop 4

Guy and Sarah Drock House circa 1759

76 Church Street Norwich, CT

Please note, this is a private residence and is not open to the public

In 1742, Guy Drock, a “servant boy” of Captain Benajah Bushnell, was baptized in the First Congregational Church in Norwich. His origins are obscure, but it is known that he was trained as a blacksmith. On June 8, 1759, Drock’s wife, Sarah Powers, formerly of Newport, Rhode Island, purchased her husband from Bushnell in exchange for two years work as a servant and an additional unspecified payment in money. Later, the couple purchased this Church Street house and a blacksmith shop across the street from Zerviah, Bushnell’s widow. In 2012 descendants of Guy Drock and Benajah Bushnell met in Norwich to explore their ancestors’ intertwined histories.