Troubadour Trail – Stop 1

    Section I:  Norwichtown

    Stop #1:  Lowthorpe Meadow

    Thanks to the generosity of the Gilman sisters in 1905, visitors are able to step back in time to see a large expanse of open space, free of buildings, and other encumbrances – reminiscent of how it may have appeared in colonial days.

    Originally a swampy parcel of land, infested by snakes and wolves, over the centuries the meadow has been tamed and improved with underground drainage-pipes, trails, and bridges spanning gurgling streams.

    Since 2009, I have been one of the 15-member Board Of Directors, who maintain and mow the Meadow for the use of the Norwich citizenry.

    Here is a link to the Forgotten Founders’ page regarding Lowthorpe Meadow and environs:






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