Freedom Trail – Stop 18

Norwich Sister Mural “Freedom, Civil Rights and Human Rights” by Emida Roller and Samson Tonton

Market Street Parking Garage, Downtown Norwich

This mural was initiated by Public Art for Racial Justice Education which was launched in response to the tragic killing of George Floyd. This broad-based interracial, non-partisan, non-sectarian grassroots organization consists of volunteers from a number of communities who believe that public art has a critical role in raising racial and social justice awareness, helping us  all to build “the Beloved Community” envisioned by Martin Luther King Jr. Town by town, working in partnership with schools, museums, faith communities, civic organizations and concerned citizens, our “Sister Murals” project endeavors to create works of art to keep alive, from one generation to another, the stories of local  and national figures who have distinguished themselves as racial justice champions. These heroes of the human spirit continue to provide a “North Star” by which our communities can be inspired to become more just, more equitable, more welcoming and more sustainable. The Norwich Sister Mural depicts a number of historical figures who directly or indirectly impacted and inspired Freedom, Civil Rights and Human Rights in our community.